Economic Themes (2018) 56 (3) 2, 301-319


Snežana Lazarević, Jelena Lukić

Abstract: Organizations in today's environment are relied on teams and their learning as key determinants for survival and success. The aim of this paper is to identify the key team learning processes and activities in organizations and to examine how the eventual appearance and growth of the problems in team impact on those processes and activities. Research was conducted in nine teams with 79 members in one public service organization located in Belgrade, Serbia, using interview and questionnaire techniques. Descriptive analysis, linear regression and Pearson correlation coefficient were used for processing and interpreting collected data. The results show that undefined roles of team members, a lack of trust among them, inadequate rewards, inadequate leadership and team management, will cause a moderate decrease in team learning processes and activities. The value of this research is that growing reliance on teamwork in organizations put pressure on leaders and managers to understand the factors that enable and stimulate team learning processes and activities, but also to identify and overcome all problems that may arise in teams and slow down the learning in teams as one of the most important processes.

Keywords:  Teams; Team learning; Problems in team; Team learning processes; activities

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