The process of peer review

Received manuscripts are reviewed by anonymous referees. To be published in the journal, manuscripts must get two positive reviews. The Editor-in-Chief has a final decision on the publication based on the evaluation and proposal of reviewers, as well as the purpose and the field of research.

To ensure the anonymity of the reviews, the authors should, along with the document containing the manuscript without the authors' names, in a separate Word document, sent a Title page, containing the title of the manuscript, the names and affiliation of the author(s), e-mail address and abbreviated title proposal (Running head), which is supposed to represent the header of the article, up to 60 characters including spaces.

Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the quality of the manuscripts selected for publication, and the authors of the content of the published articles.

Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to proofreading. Authors are required to give their consent to the publication of the proofread text within 7 days from notification of the publication of the manuscript.

Authors who duly perform their obligations as reviewers and answer the calls of the editorial board to participate in the peer review will have preference in the publication of papers in the journal.