The categorisation of articles

Published papers can be categorised as a scientific and professional articles.

Scientific articles include the following categories:
  1. Original scientific paper (paper outlining the previously unpublished results of own research, scientific method);
  2. Review (paper that contains an original, detailed and critical review of the research problem or an area in which the author has made a contribution);
  3. Short or previous statement (original scientific paper of full format, but small-scale or preliminary nature).
Technical articles include the following categories:
  1. Professional paper (paper offering useful experience for the improvement of professional practice, but which is not necessarily based on a scientific method)
  2. Information item (editorial, commentary, etc.)
  3. Review (representation of books, computer software, cases, scientific events and the like.)
  4. Scientific criticism or controversy (discussion on a particular scientific topic based exclusively on scientific argumentation) and overview.