Economic Themes (2017) 55 (2) 8, 281-304


Jovica Stanković, Slavoljub Milovanović, Ognjen Radović

Abstract: Taking into consideration the importance of information and communications technology in higher education both as part of the teaching and grading process, but also the limitations in its application in higher education in the Republic of Serbia, this paper outlines the possibilities which the Moodle platform offers for the definition and use of online self-assessment tests and quizzes in the preparation and simulation of the entrance exam for the Faculty of Economics of the University of Niš. To indicate the importance of egrading for the increase in the effectiveness of learning, the paper analyses the number of created accounts and the number of visits, while a statistical analysis of the candidates’ results on the simulated entrance exam, from 2014 to 2016, was used to test the hypothesis on the significance of formative assessment for effective learning. The obtained t-test results indicate that formative assessment in this specific instance contributes to the improvement of the candidates’ learning process and that the application of such a means of student self-assessment in other areas of study would significantly contribute to the increase in the effectiveness of learning. On the other hand, statistical analyses of individual responses to questions represent a significant source of feedback for teachers, which can be used for the purpose of redefining tests.

Keywords:  Moodle platform; formative assessment; online selfassessment; higher education

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